Toshiba WT310 windows 8 Pro Tablet with 11.6 inch display announced

Using Saturation word while discussing the new features and specifications of any device introduced in gadget industry across the globe by countless competitors is quite risky. And to support this statement more wisely, one of the leading Japanese giant has announced it’s new element in tablet PC segment named, “Toshiba WT310” which is a windows 8 based tablet PC.

Toshiba WT-310 tablet will available with huge screen size

Toshiba WT-310 tablet will available with huge screen size

This Japanese giant has added a new device with the announcement of Toshiba WT310 in the prodigious range of Windows 8 powered tablet. An official announcement made by the company which says,” this device has been designed specifically to target the business professionals who needs to run on Windows 8 Pro. Specifying it’s details in terms of frame up, this device is fitted with a 11.6-inch Full HD screen and measures 229 x 189 x 12.4mm in it’s overall dimensions.

This device receives power by an unspecified Intel Core processor which will be supported by a Sold State Disk (SSD) to enhance it’s storage unit. It is also offered with a Digitiser Pen which has been designed for easy writing and note-taking during meetings or seminars, along with a software that converts handwriting into digital text for further editing or sharing.

Briefing it’s connectivity front, from the sources we came to know that it will support Bluetooth 4.0 and optional HSPA+ / LTE connectivity, together with HDMI-out, an SD card slot and USB 3.0 port. However, company has not specified other important details like CPU, RAM size, SSD capacity and the most important it’s price tag and availability in India till date but as soon as we get the information, we will update our customer.

Though from the current information, we may see this device available under premium price range, however, it would be great to see if it comes in budget price range, though chances are very limited for that.

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