Reliance Jio 4G Network Speed Test Results – Agra Uttar Pradesh

Reliance Jio 4G commercial launch has been delayed repeatedly, earlier it was expected last year then was delayed. Later it was anticipated in first quarter of year 2016 but again delayed.

But RJIO preview offer has made it easy for everyone to get taste of 4G speeds throughout India. Today we are testing Reliance JIO 4G LTE network speed in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. Although initial testing on some part of the country showed speed upto 60-70mbps but that was too early. Now as per Reliance Jio, there are more than 1.5 million users using their network already. Although it is nothing as compared to RJIO’s plan to have 1 billion user online, but still tests made now should give more logical results.

We will start with which is worldwide standard for gauging network performance. We have made two tests, afternoon and then in the evening to see if timing of a day can effect performance.

The afternoon tests:
Our first test server is from True Broadband, Ghaziabad which is suggested by as closest. We got about 9 mbps download and 4 mbps upload speed averages. Then we went on choosing another provided by Nextra Teleservices Pvt. Ltd, Gurgaon. However it was not very good, only 3.49 mbps download and 3.79 upload speed. Apparently link between RJIO network and Nextra is not that healthy.

Speed test reliance Jio.

RJIO speed test at Noon with Nextra from Gurgaon and True Broadband Ghaziabad.

That was the, now we will now try some torrents to see if that makes any difference. Added few torrents of popular Linux distribution like Ubuntu, Linuxmint etc. Allowed torrent client to run for a while as it takes few minutes for torrent to attend potential download speeds.

Reliance Jio speed test on torrent downloads .

Reliance Jio speed test on torrent downloads .

As you can see above, screenshot, using torrent we were able to achieve around 20mbps average download speed.

The Evening tests
Here we have evening test results, first test server, True Broadband Ghaziabad : 12.38mbps download and 7.15mbps upload. Speed is now better than afternoon test. Now coming to Nextra Teleservices Pvt. Ltd, Gurgaon : 3.62mbps download and 6.29mbps, not much difference but upload speed is considerably better.

Tests at evening hours.

Tests at evening hours.

Now let us try using some torrent downloads. Again allowing the torrent client to run for few minutes. So here are the results.

Torrent download performance in evening hours at RJIO Network.

Torrent download performance in evening hours at RJIO Network.

Surprisingly speed were better than afternoon in both results as well as torrent downloads. This time torrent gave us about 25mbps of average download speed.

Although as discussed already, there are more than a million users using RJIO network but still its no where near its full capacity. Technically we should see drop in thorough output as number users grows on network. Hopefully will be far better than other current providers.

Also we hope whenever Reliance Jio network is commercially launched, it will change the way we see internet ecosystem in India and will end the practice of exorbitant data services charges which been adopted by almost all ISPs in the country.

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2 thoughts on “Reliance Jio 4G Network Speed Test Results – Agra Uttar Pradesh

  1. Divyansh sharma

    Not getting the networks in Maruti City road near shamshabad tv tower agra I faced this problem since from 2 months..Not getting a single network ..i am not able to surf internet and calling yet..! When will I gave full network in my area.

    1. Mohsin Hasan Post author

      Have you tried sending mail or calling their customer care with details of network issues in your area ? Generally they are quick to resolve problem or atleast give you ETA to get it resolved.