Morphees – Mobile that changes shape – transformers in real life?

Technology is changing fast, yesterday’s science fantasies are becoming reality today. There are many thing which we never imagined to be true. Now there is concept being worked upon in which your mobile can actually adapt itself as per user need and flexes into desired shape such “ATM keypad or gaming controller” using special shape memory alloys.

Shape Shifting mobile - Morphees  under development

Shape Shifting mobile – Morphees under development

There was a time when internet on mobile was considered slow and useless but now with advent of LTE, most of the users are going to have faster internet on their mobile phone than their home broadband connection. Similarly, Samsung is working on a concept where you can control mobile using your brain. There are many concept those are going to get materialized soon and these new shape-shifting mobile phones looks promising. Developed by Indian – origin technologist Sriram Subramanian has revealed a mobile named Morphees which is so called world’s first shape shifting mobile.

In conference on humancomputer interface in Paris, he said we are looking forward to add new dimension to the mobile phone specifications, you may see “shape resolution” as part of tech spec of your mobile very soon.

The Morphees uses shape changing material such as dielectric electro active polymers and shape memory alloys those have ability to get back to their previous state after changing shape through some sort of electric impulse or similar cue.

Shape Resolution Concept

To explain more , they said “the concept of Morphees that are self-actuated flexible mobile devices adapting their shapes on their own to the context of use in order to offer better usability. For instance, when a game is launched, the mobile device morphs into a console-like shape by curling two opposite edges to be better grasped with two hands” .

Clearly this concept can be exciting, looks like directly coming from a science fiction movie, however its true and its becoming reality very soon. But if you are looking to buy it then you have to wait fore few more years as the concept is in its infancy and will need a lot more work to have consumer version available in market. But certainly it can induce a new life changing revolution the way you use mobile phones.

Since this is still a concept, we may see a lot different device which may get launched in future. Till then we you may watch two prototype those are already available.

The shape shifting mobile of future

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