Google to bring low cost / cheap android phones in coming months

Google, one of the leading giant in Internet, Telecom and Software service around the globe has announced to launch low cost/cheap range of android smartphones in one of the most emerging market like Africa and South East Asia. This report does not come as much of a surprise, with Google supremo, Eric Schmidt sharing similar information with the press when he was in India as part of Google Summit earlier this year.

google low cost smartphone

google low cost smartphone

The strategy behind this policy to up come with low cost Android powered smartphone is to enable more than a billion people to experience Internet at a very low and affordable price tag. However, the report does not mention whether Google will make the smartphones on its own or work with other handset manufacturers (highly possible).

As per the Google official statement, “We are working on smartphones that will be available at price point of $50 (approx Rs 2,700) and these will be available in the markets very soon,” were the words Schmidt shared. He disclosed that the device will be a basic smartphone with a Web browser and Web-client apps.

Though, there are lots of Smartphone available in the market already but most of them have tried incorporating too many features that the device may not be able to perform. The strategy of Google providing low cost smartphones looks practical because the more penetration of internet, more chances for Google to do business. Google already have lots of resources at its disposal and it would not be a surprise if it can manage to come up high quality yet low cost handsets specially targeted for online / on the go internet access. It has already acquired Mobile phone giant like Motorola, though there is no confirm news if Google will manufacture such phone by themselves or will will tie up with others but in the end of day, it may be beneficial for both ie. the end user as well as Google

So, lets see when Google will launch this affordable range of android phones in the global market.

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