Dell Android TV Stick – Project Ophelia Turn Television into Computer

Dell, one of the leading company serving in computer technology worldwide with it’s wide range of products and service all around the globe, company is in the news once again. And as per the reports, Dell is running hard to became the first PC maker to release stick-sized devices in the gadget hub. Earlier, at the CES held in January company had disclosed it’s upcoming project called as, “Project Ophelia”.

Dell TV Stick

Dell TV Stick

Though this device is not a fresh project introduced by any company in the market as lots of the makers from China have been offering Android TV sticks for more than a year. And as per our sources, there are several small developers communities who are already writing custom applications and firmware for Android TV sticks. There are already several sticks with Allwinner A10 or Rockchip RK3066 processors those can even run some flavours of linux on them.

As per the PC world reports, it has been confirmed that the Project Ophelia should be available for sale from this summer onwards at a price tag of just $100. It was also confirmed, that Dell will offer the stick to the developers in the month of July. And just after the month followed by the handover, it will be made available for the telecoms of the cable companies who keen their interests in offering this amazing device to their customers. Not only the companies, also if anyone wish to buy an Ophelia device individually he/she can purchased it directly from Dell stores.

Some of the benefits of Project Ophelia is that this device will be offered with Dell’s Wyse PocketCloud software which lets you login to a remote desktop or access files from another computer. Another feature which will add the USP of this device, is it MHL support which means that if your TV supports MHL, than you can easily plug the stick right into the HDMI port on your television and not only will it use your TV as a display, it will draw power from the television set which means that you didn’t require the use of power from any other external source for it’s use.

The Project Ophelia stick includes WiFi and Bluetooth. So, what you can do with this ophelia is basically you can play Angry Birds and other popular Android games, watch funny videos through the YouTube applications, while traveling you can easily turn your hotel room’s TV into an android device, gather the family around the TV and look for cool things in Google Earth, gaze in wonder at the smooth and colorful Android 4.0 interface rendered on your massive HD screen.

Let’s see when Dell will officially launch into the market.

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