BSNL’s new Rs. 249 Unlimited Broadband Plan coming soon

BSNL announced in an statement earlier today about launching a promotional unlimited wireline broadband plan for just Rs.249, the plan will allow users to download over 300GB of data monthly thus making effective price Rs. 1 per GB.

BSNL- Rs 249 broadband unlimited plan

BSNL- Rs 249 broadband unlimited plan

Users can subscribe to this plan from September 09, 2016 and it will be available for next 6 months. After 6 months, user will have choice to go for any of the regular broadband plan prevailing at that time. Currently BSNL is offering Rs. 675 plan which offers cheapest true unlimited at 1mbps (first 2GB at 2mbps) from the company.

Clearly the move from BSNL is to counter Reliance Jio where they are giving away 3 months of data and voice to everyone irrespective any brand of phone they use. Whereas Reliance Jio had announced their commercial plans with unlimited voice call and with data tariff costing as low as Rs. 50/GB. Still they will not not charge until December 31, 2016.

RJIO’s disruptive policies and strategies has forced other players to take radical steps. Although RJIO is yet to start their proper commercial operation, it has already stirred the market in bid to grab a considerable market consumer base share. Move like this are bound to happen from other players soon.

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