New Reliance JioFi device with LED display – Hands on and Basic Guide

If you are looking to experience Reliance JIO 4G speeds but don’t want to spend fortune on new 4G phone then JioFi ie. the Mifi from RJIO is the cheapest and practical choice for you. However, like RJIO SIM, they are also short in supplies and their demand is no where to settle down any soon. However, RJIO silently started shipping new version of their MIFI devices with OLED display. This new device comes with a price tag of MRP Rs. 4050 but available for Rs. 2999 only.


New RJIO MIFI- Portable hotspot with OLED display

The device we received came in colorful RED cylindrical box akin you see some fashion watches packing or even goggles, well it looks trendy. The box doesn’t say much from outside other than content of the box, price and default wifi connectivity credentials. Inside things are nicely packed with 1xRouter with model as JMR520(black), 1x USB charger, 1x USB cable, 1x Battery, Quick Start Guide and warranty Card.

All content inside Rjio MIFI device.

All content inside Rjio MIFI device.

The new device is more squarish and little bigger in size as compared to previous version ie. JioFi 2 . It looks more sleek with matte finish design while the original one was oval shaped with super glossy finish. The most prominent difference is the LED display you see on the top of the device. It means unlike its predecessor, you don’t have a lot of LED cue lights, its now all on screen where it shows signal strength, number of clients connected, status of battery etc.

It has got power button on right and beneath it you will find the WPS button. The micro USB port is on left of the device. Long press power button to turn on the device, it goes to sleep mode if not used for 10 minutes, short press will get back it from sleep mode.

Although device is manufactured in Vietnam, it has been prominently highlighted as “Designed in India”. Best guess is that its actually designed in India and manufactured in Vietnam. One of the other noticeable change over previous version is the number devices can be connected simultaneously to it is reduced to 10 devices + 1 through USB tethering. It means it is still useful for an average house where there are not many members in family. You can also connect it to your PC if there is no WIFI support in it.

Configuring Device for first time

Configuring device for first time to use with laptop or desktop is quite easy, everything is pre-configured and ready to use without any changes.

  1. First insert your activated and working RJIO SIM (remember this device is network locked so any other 4G SIM isn’t going to work in it).
  2. Now if you are connecting through USB then allow it a while to get it installed over USB and if you are using WIFI then just note your Device’s SSID (should be like JioFi_XXXXX where XXXXX should be some random letters) and password found at the bottom of box. You can find them inside device.
  3. By this step, if you are on USB , you can start using internet on your computer and if you are WIFI, then you have to search for your new JioFi wireless network and connect to it using the credentials found on the box. Steps given after it only for further personalization.
  4. Now open your browser and type : http://jiomifi.local.html or if that doesn’t work then type “”. You should now see status page with lots of information.
  5. In order to login, look for “Log in” on the upper right corner and give “administrator” as username as well as for password.
  6. From here, you can change administrative username, passwords and make few other changes like MAC based access control etc. However, there is not much you can do here, its quite basic but it works.

Detailed Technical Specification of Device :

Memory : 1GB NAND Flash and 512 MB mobile DDR SDRAM
Battery: 2600 mAH
Standards Compliance:
WAN: 2300/1800/850Mhz
WIFI: IEEE 802.11b/g/n
External interfaces: Micro USB Port, Micro-SIM ca, Micro-SD ca (upto 32 GB)
Dimensions : (LxWxH) 96.6 x 65.2 x 15.2 mm
No. of devices supported: 10 (wifi) + 1 (USB tethering).

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