WhatsApp Hands – Free Chat Feature for Business Users – Engage Easily with Customers

WhatsApp’s Auto-Reply feature heralds a new era in business communication, offering a hands-free solution for seamless interactions. This innovative tool ensures uninterrupted engagement, allowing business owners to stay connected effortlessly even during their busiest moments.



WhatsApp has introduced a groundbreaking feature to enhance user experience, allowing users to engage in chats without physically tapping on their phones. This innovative feature is specifically tailored for business users who struggle to respond promptly due to their busy schedules.

The auto-reply feature makes it easy for users to respond effortlessly without the need to touch their phones. It’s essential to note that this feature is exclusively available to WhatsApp business users. If you are using the regular application without any business affiliations, this feature may not be accessible to you.

For business owners managing their ventures through WhatsApp, this feature proves to be a valuable asset. The auto-reply function can be set up in two ways: through the WhatsApp business account or via the WhatsApp partner platform, providing access to the WhatsApp API.

How to Configuring the auto-reply feature from the business account is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to WhatsApp settings.
  2. Open the menu (on Android) or access your settings (on iOS) by tapping the three dots in theĀ  upper right corner of your account.
  3. Select “Business Tools” and then choose “Away Message.
  4. Activate the “Send away message” toggle button.
  5. Edit the away message according to your preference.
  6. To schedule when the message should be sent, tap on the “Schedule” button.
  7. Choose the recipients for the auto-reply message and complete the setup process.

With these simple steps, business users can now enjoy the convenience of hands-free chatting on WhatsApp. This feature not only streamlines communication but also ensures that businesses can maintain effective interaction with their clients even during busy periods.

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