Intel’s 10th Generation vPro Processors Announced – Details and Info

Intel has just announced new 10th generation vPro processors series for mobile and desktop PCs to enable seamless productivity and performance for the increasingly remote workforce.

Intel vPro 10th Gen processors

Intel vPro 10th Gen processors

The new mobile and desktop PC processors deliver increased productivity improvements, connectivity, security features and remote manageability – all to empower IT to deliver amazing experiences, helping employees stay connected, more productive, more secure and in the flow with minimal interruptions. Systems powered by the latest Intel vPro chips provide integrated Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) connectivity, which is the best Wi-Fi technology for video conferencing, delivering secure and minimal interruptions.

The chips also ensure rapid responsiveness, worry-free battery life and instant resume with Intel Project Athena-based laptops. For more than a decade, Cisco and Intel have partnered to deliver an unrivalled wireless experience. The new chips claim to provide up to 40 per cent better overall application performance and up to 36 per cent better office productivity (compared with a 3-year-old laptop) and analyze and visualize data up to 44 per cent faster (compared with a 5-year-old desktop). It provides nearly three times faster Gigabit speeds and improved performance in dense environments with integrated Intel Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) for the best Wi-Fi technology for video conferencing..

For Internet of Things (IoT) developers, 10th Gen Intel Core vPro processors and Intel Xeon W-1200E series based on the Intel vPro platform provide business-class performance, remote management and more, said the company.

A More Secure Foundation as hardware shield provides built-in hardware-enhanced security features to help prevent cyber-attacks – now with advanced threat detection and extended below-the-OS protection features to help safeguard system memory critical resources. Intel Transparent Supply Chain helps enable the traceability and authenticity of PC components for greater peace of mind.

PCs built with the new 10th Gen Intel Core vPro mobile and desktop processors are expected to be available from PC manufacturers over the next several months.

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