Datawind Next Aakash tablets for Rs. 2500 and Voice tablet Rs. 5000

Datawind, who recently finished their order to supply 1 lakh units of Aakash tablets to IIT Bombay for price tag of Rs. 2252 per unit is now looking to provide new improved and powerful version at Rs. 2500 each.



As per CEO Suneet Singh Tuli, “As per my information, the committee on Aakash tablets is looking to higher version of the device at Rs 2,500 a piece and we are ready to match the price on order for every 10 lakh units. Also, in a report published in , CEO Suneet Singh Tuli is willing to provide a cheap 10 inch version of tablet with voice calling facility in coming June. He said that we have plan to price them at Rs. 5000 to 5500 which is otherwise price we generally pay for 7 inch tablets provided by other brands.

When asked when you are going to launch those 10-inch tablets, he replied that they will soon make official announcement in six weeks or so.

DataWind is a British manufacturing and marketing company founded by Indian origin brothers Raja Tuli and Sunit Tuli, now widely known for its development of the Aakash, an inexpensive tablet computer developed in conjunction with India’s Ministry for Human Resource Development (MHRD). The Project Aakash was started by Indian Government to provide access to internet and information to every part of society, specially student at affordable rate. It is also reported that Datawind is co-developing the world’s least expensive 4G-enabled tablet with Reliance Industries.

Datawind also informed that they have also set up an LCD touchscreen unit in Amritsar which will help them to comply with the policy which mandates government to procure electronic products, including tablet PCs, which should have at least 30 per cent components made locally.

Certainly their strategy is to bet on prices to have their mark in the market, and if they successfully provides 10inches tablet with above price range then it can be beneficial for end user as then we may see other manufacturer working on similar price range large tablets. However, they have have not given details or technical specifications about their upcoming 10 inch tablet but we hope this time they will provide it in timely manner and will be of some decent quality.

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