Spectranet now in Noida – offering 50 mbps unlimited

One of the prominent FTTH (fiber to the home) broadband service provider has just forayed into Noida and is offering 50 mbps unlimited broadband plan at Rs. 1349 without any FUP.

Spectranet FTTH logo

FTTH provider India – Spectranet

Spectranet has started with multiple plans for Noida , prominent among them is “Success 50 Unlimited” with 50 mbps truly unlimited bandwidth which means there is no FUP applied to it. Other truly unlimited plan included “Success 100 Unlimited” with 100 mbps speed with no FUP, it will cost 1849 per month to users.

The company has started serving currently in sector 93 of Noida, however plans to rapidly expand its reach to other parts soon.

“Noida being an important industrial hub, it was our natural choice to begin our foray into the Uttar Pradesh markets,” said Udit Mehrotra, Managing Director & CEO, Spectranet.

It is to be noted that as we all know, soon Reliance Jio is planning to launch FTTH in 100 major cities of India, which means there will be stiffer competition for current players in the market. Probably, there will be tariff war in such areas where we have multiple choices in FTTH as well as broadband.

Currently, FTTH is not very popular means of broadband in India due to its physical limitation, one of the other reason is high mobile penetration where an average user gets his work done through wireless connection easily.

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