LulzSec hacker sentenced 1 year prison in Sony breach case

A 25-year-old hacker with the group known as LulzSec was sentenced Thursday to a year in prison and ordered to pay $605,663 in restitution for an attack on Sony Pictures computers that began in late May 2011.

Cody Andrew Kretsinger, who went by the online nickname “recursion,” was also sentenced to a year of home detention and 1,000 hours of community service. During last year’s plea hearing, Kretsinger told a federal judge that he gained access to the Sony Pictures website and gave the information he found there to other members of LulzSec, who posted it on the group’s website and Twitter.

Prosecutors said Kretsinger and other LulzSec hackers ultimately caused the unit of Sony Corp more than $600,000 in damage.

One should be confused with the attack on Sony playstation network, rather it was the one in which hackers gained access to Sony Picture’s website and took personal details of thousands of members from there.

Kretsinger’s plea came a month after court documents revealed that Anonymous leader “Sabu,” whose real name is Hector Xavier Monsegur, had pleaded guilty to hacking-related charges and provided the FBI with information on fellow hackers.

Prosecutors have declined to say if Kretsinger was also cooperating with authorities in exchange for leniency.

Lulzsec ie. the group to which this hacker belong, claimed to have attacked the Sun newspaper’s website, also had attacked e website of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) along with few other mischievous acts.

In the US, the group was credited with attacking the website of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Apparently Government is in pursue to convey strongly that activities like hacking can’t be taken up lightly. Definitely what Cody (the hacker in subject) started as some had ended up in very serious trouble.

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