Instagram’s new feature in test : Allow uses to add own media to other’s carousal

Instagram is currently testing a novel feature that allows users to collectively contribute photos and videos to their friends’ posts, fostering a dynamic and engaging environment for content interaction. Such collaborative features are common on social media platforms and are usually rigorously tested before wider release to ensure they meet user expectations.

The feature, which enables friends to join in creating carousel posts, offers a unique opportunity for users to collaborate while maintaining control over the original post. Users can activate the option for their followers to submit photos and videos for approval, enhancing the interactive and shared nature of content.

The Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, hasn’t provided a specific release date for this feature, a standard practice during the testing phase. Instagram typically tests features with a limited user group before wider deployment to ensure functionality aligns with intended objectives.

When the feature is officially launched, users can expect detailed information and guidelines on effective utilization. Those intrigued by this feature should monitor Instagram’s official announcements for updates regarding availability and usage guidelines, providing an exciting avenue for creative and interactive content creation.

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