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    • Fujitsu F-074 waterproof Android phone in India

      One of the leading Japanese manufacturer Fujitsu had taken official step up in the Indian smartphone market with the launch of their new smartphone Fujitsu F-074 in partnership with India leading

    • Google’s Acer C7 Chromebook launched

      Google has launched it's latest Chromebook with Acer "Acer C7 Chromebook" in the market. It was a month before when Google launched the Samsung Chromebook which is placed at a much higher rate as

    • Wammy Titan 5.5 inch qHD phablet launched

      Wicked Leaked has launched a new entry level phablet as,"Wammy Titan" to enhance it's portfolio in the Indian market. From the Sources, we came to know Wicked Leaked cracked the Top 100 Indian sites

    • Panasonic announces DMC-G6 and DMC-LF1 digital cameras

      Japanese giant serving in electronics industry worldwide has widen the range of it's digital camera under it's premium range Lumix series by dipping, "Lumix DMC-G6 and the Lumix DMC-LF1" in the